We swim in the confluence of Data & Design.

We swim in the confluence of data &

What we do

Founded in 2012, Byounic is a marketing agency led by a team of creative thinkers, branding experts, and consummate professionals. We offer a variety of digital services, all guaranteed to strengthen your business and increase your overall revenue.

We value strong communication, 100% transparency, and professionalism every step of the way.

Ad Performance Optimization

Optimizing ad campaigns is the key to effective marketing strategies. The goal of optimizing ad performance is to reduce the cost per click while successfully guiding our audience. Our team at BYOUNIC uses the most advanced marketing tools while implementing extensive research to determine the goals of the campaign, the budget for each segment, and to test more options constantly to create more substantial data.

Customer Journey Characterization & Implementation

To start the journey, we begin by identifying goals and setting targets. The journey continues by creating buyer personas from market research to get to know our customers personally.

E-commerce Store Maintenance & CRO

We have tools and detailed data that we follow 24/7 to see what parts of the website need more efficiency to curate a pleasant journey specifically for the user. Optimization is crucial in achieving outstanding results and growing our overall revenue.

Brand Identity Maintenance

The ultimate goal for every brand or business is to stand out, be memorable, and be recognizable. We're experts at strategically planning social media and maintaining the brand language across all channels. We consistently maintain the overall brand language across all channels and love creating awesome content that provides accurate results you can measure.

Creative Consulting & Supervision

When consumers connect with a brand or business, they look for values such as honesty, dependability, and trust. With so much content to compete with, we can engage our audience through creative content that aligns with our values. Our innovative consulting and digital marketing tools can make your vision a reality. Our creative team can create 3D, video, animation, and more for your e-commerce needs. So let's make your ad look awesome.

Email Marketing & Automation

The use of email marketing allows us to stay in touch with our loyal customers as well as potential new customers. Knowing what our target audience likes and dislikes will help us design better marketing campaigns and ensure they receive information directly in their email inboxes, increasing their awareness and engagement.

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Who trusts us.

Who trusts us.