What we do

Founded in 2012, Byounic is a marketing agency led by a team of creative thinkers, branding experts, and consummate professionals. We offer a variety of digital services, all guaranteed to strengthen your business and increase your overall revenue.
We value strong communication, 100% transparency, and professionalism every step of the way.

Ad Performance Optimization

Optimizing ad campaigns is crucial for effective marketing. Our team at BYOUNIC uses advanced tools and extensive research to reduce cost per click, guide our audience, and achieve campaign goals within the budget. We constantly test and gather substantial data for better results.

Customer Journey Characterization & Implementation

To start the journey, we begin by identifying goals and setting targets. The journey continues by creating buyer personas from market research to get to know our customers personally.

E-commerce Store Maintenance & CRO

We utilize round-the-clock monitoring of tools and comprehensive data analysis to identify areas of the website that require optimization in order to deliver a seamless user experience. By prioritizing optimization, we aim to achieve exceptional outcomes and drive overall revenue growth.

Brand Identity Maintenance

Our expertise lies in strategically planning social media and ensuring consistent brand language across all channels. We excel at creating impactful and measurable content that helps brands stand out, be memorable, and gain recognition.

Creative Consulting & Supervision

In a crowded market, consumers seek honesty, dependability, and trust when connecting with a brand. Our creative content, supported by innovative consulting and digital marketing tools, brings your vision to life. Our skilled team specializes in 3D, video, animation, and more for your e-commerce needs. Let's create awesome ads together.

Email Marketing & Automation

Email marketing helps us maintain connections with both loyal and potential customers. By understanding our target audience's preferences, we can design more effective marketing campaigns and deliver relevant information directly to their inboxes. This approach enhances awareness and engagement among recipients.

Email Marketing Automation

Committed to staying at the forefront of industry standards, we tap into Klaviyo's capabilities to design engaging emails while employing strategic segmentation and testing to foster your business growth.

As an official partner of Klaviyo, we offer a suite of tailored email marketing and automation services that drive engagement, increase customer loyalty, and fuel revenue growth.

Who trusts us.

Who trusts us.

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