Email Marketing Automation

As an official partner of Klaviyo, BYOUNIC offers a suite of tailored email marketing and automation services that drive engagement, increase customer loyalty, and fuel revenue growth.

Among our clients:

We study and educate

We prioritize your success by offering comprehensive training, support, and detailed performance analysis to optimize your email campaigns for optimal results.

We design experiences

Crafting impactful emails with precision and purpose is our expertise. Our designs are visually immersive and engaging, incorporating interactive elements, compelling visuals including 3D art, and strategic call-to-actions. Additionally, we specialize in personalization and dynamic content, creating customized emails that resonate with each customer's unique preferences and behavior.

We help you grow

We offer a range of powerful email marketing services to enhance your campaigns. Through advanced segmentation, we drive conversions, encourage repeat business, and deepen customer relationships and for optimal results, we incorporate A/B testing to fine-tune your campaigns.

We also provide targeted strategies to capture and convert prospects, helping you grow your email list effectively.

Drive more revenue with your ecommerce platform

Integrate your e-commerce platform, ecosystem, and historical data with Klaviyo to send highly personalized and automated email marketing campaigns.

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