ATA Success Story

ATA Success Story

Our love story with Ata began during the hot summer of August 2019.


ATA approached us in the hopes of improving their e-commerce presence and digital marketing to grow and expand their audience throughout Israel.

In the beginning

We started with the organization and structure of Ata's website and online presence, which is the foundation of a successful e-commerce business. Carefully and strategically, we created a marketing plan that organized the data to create an effective and efficient marketing strategy.

We started by launching a new and improved e-commerce store using Shopify. Shopify gave us the tools to improve and expand our data and integrate them all in one place (Klaviyo, customer service, REAMAZE, Loyalty program).

Overall revenue tripled from 2019-2020 (add percentage- 120%)

Customer service and environmental awareness are Ata's main strengths which we wanted to amplify as part of our strategy. Ata's Good quality materials, carefully curated collections and high regard for customer satisfaction played a crucial role in our strategy to grow our brand presence and awareness.

Email marketing

Email marketing is an essential tool we took full advantage of to help us connect with existing clients and reach potential new ones. 


Klaviyo allows you to build email experiences across owned audiences and individual segments while measuring the results in revenue — not just opens or clicks.

After setting up automated flows for the perfect customer journey, we sorted our audience, interests, and behaviors into segments. The segmented audiences provided precise data analysis, which, over time, increased our open rate from 10% to 45%.

Before Klaviyo 10% open rate of emails received

After Klaviyo, 45% open rate of emails received

We needed a strategy to grow our audience efficiently because the larger the audience, the more data we access, and the more we understand our audience. So this is what we did:

We locked the website.

For 24 hours, only the "few" customers with the "secret" code to access the online store could take advantage of a special offer promoted in advance. To get the secret code, you had to sign up for the newsletter; this way, we managed to grow our audience by 250%.

Imagine your favorite clothing brand drops a limited-time offer that happens only once a year, and only you have the chance to purchase everything you wish before everyone. Creating buzz, customers shared "the secret code" with friends and family, spreading the word about the special offer.

When money spent turns into an investment 

Our relationship with Ata has resulted in a beautiful partnership that continues to grow and reach heights together.

Results: Increased overall revenue (120%), increased data (150%), and increased awareness in different cities throughout Israel. Next step: The US. 

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