Daniella Lehavi - Success Story

Daniella Lehavi - Success Story

DANIELLA LEHAVI is a world renowned brand of quality accessories consisting of leather bags and shoes, all designed and hand manufactured in Israel.

In 1990, Daniella opened her studio showcasing her first limited collection, consisting of no more than 10 handbags. The brand was quickly recognised for its designs, allowing the company to expand into other areas such as shoes. The brand is now sold in over 100 boutiques worldwide, in USA, Canada, Japan, among other countries.

Pictures of the brand - Daniella Lehavi

Additionally, the Daniella Lehavi brand has developed into a network of 10 brick and mortar locations across Israel and employs over 60 workers, all experts in design, manufacturing, logistics, management, sales, marketing and more.

As the brand grew, so did its following; to this day Daniella Lehavi continues to bring joy and beauty to the lives of their customers.

“While others feared for the fate of their business, we discovered a whole new world for our customers”

- Ori Lehavi, Daniella Lehavi's Co-Founder and CEO

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At BYOUNIC, it is our drive to watch our customers succeed within their industry. We have years of experience to help grow and take any brand to the next level.

Actions speak louder than words. Take a look to see how BYOUNIC helped increased traffic for Daniella Lehavi.

How did we achieve these results?

We provided our customer with a 360 digital cover, which included; ad performance optimization, strategic campaign planning, audience management, brand identity maintenance and creative consulting & supervision.

We also offered an in-depth monthly online and offline marketing plan, and additionally, accompanied the Daniella Lehavi brand on data terms as well as created PPC campaigns including the creatives and content for Digital sales events and promotions.

We are proud to have Daniella Lehavi as one of our companies success stories and look forward to continue helping them grow!
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