Is Apple currently working on becoming a bank?

Is Apple currently working on becoming a bank?

Touch ID, Face ID, and Apple Pay are just the beginning for Apple.

Apple’s emphasis on security and privacy can be felt through their branding, something many brands (like Facebook in particular) struggle to recreate. If you go to and read their privacy statement, you’ll see that Apple strongly believes that “Privacy is a fundamental human right”. Apple’s agenda comes quite helpful in the background of recent events where big companies are being sued for violating user privacy and not protecting their user’s best interests.

The iOS 14 update changed how digital marketers work and manage campaign data analysis. We can no longer rely on previous measurements and can no longer accurately predict future results because the way we used to track online data has changed. Some call this “Apple's war against Facebook”, and we think this is no war; this is just another tool for Apple to accomplish their next “One more thing…”.

Bare with me.

Currently, banking companies provide insights through a user-friendly interface with their app, while many seniors and technophobes are still trying to figure out how to download their apps. In the future, these technophobes will transform into something else, and the average user will begin to see these banks as outdated and unreliable corporations.

Touch ID, Face ID, and Apple Pay are just the beginning for Apple. Apple Inc. is the largest tech company by market value. With their brilliant branding, security, and privacy reliability, we think Apple is (or should) becoming some sort of the bank of the future.

Think about it, a reliable AI-powered banking service with outstanding customer service, predicting your spending behavior and suggesting, in real-time, beneficial financial opportunities all from your phone and just for a fixed monthly fee.

Well, maybe I’m over exaggerating, what do you think? When will we see a tech company embracing technology like a brilliant mega-corporation from a sci-fi movie?

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