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Your deliveryman is a clown

“Online sales are the next big thing”

- a saying we’ve heard time and time again.

But with so many businesses trying to reach the same goal, how is it possible to make your business stand apart from others?
In today's day and age, online connection and advertising tools have become so prominent and easily accessible, that your business can succeed anywhere, anytime.

A main force in boosting your companies value, is the overall value of your customers. Keep reading to find out how to refine and transform your average customer base into loyal, active and valuable customers (despite the physical distancing from stores we are currently experiencing).

1. Think Outside

Let’s think back to our childhood birthdays where you received a present that you can’t wait to rip open. Do you remember the anticipation building up waiting to reveal the contents of what’s inside?
The ritual of opening a box or a package is something that everybody can, and does enjoy, and most importantly speaks to your companies brand values.

Marketing Tip: Keep your aesthetic in mind, as this will help customers remember who you are and encourage them to come back!

"if children’s toys were hand delivered by a clown? The possibilities to satisfy your customers needs are endless!"

2.  A+ Delivery

Efficiency and speed are the most significant key drivers in setting your company apart from others. Using a third party delivery service is the most standard in todays society. However, the want for immediate delivery is in such strong demand from customers, that it raises the question ‘how does this set me apart’?

With the world constantly reinventing itself, our vision of what a ‘delivery service’ is should begin to transform as well.
What if your online delivery purchase arrived to your front door set on a red carpet rolled out along the driveway? Or if children’s toys were hand delivered by a clown? The possibilities to satisfy your customers needs are endless!

3. Active Service

In order to turn your average customer base into active and loyal customers, it is important to first be an active company.
Ask for opinions and feedback and be sure to apply it - give them what they ask for! Whether it be via phone call, newsletter or a simple survey, the more you consistently communicate with your customers, the more active they will be in buying your product or using your service.

Remember, communication is the key to any good relationship!

"This is the time to revamp and refine your services"

Corona will force us to experience new opportunities and live in the unknown. This is the time to revamp and refine your services to touch the hearts of your customers and turn them into your biggest fans.
Don’t wait for opportunity, create it!

Let me know what you think,

Omer Bibi
Founder And CEO